Players Eye Football Club (PEFC) FAQ’s

What are the age group for the birth year?
U9 born 2009
U10 born 2008
U11 born 2007
U12 born 2006
U13 born 2005
U14 born 2004
U15 born 2003
U15 & up usually play in the Spring Only, most players play HS soccer

What are the length of the games?
U8, U9 & U10 2-25 minute Halves
U11 & U12 2-30 minute Halves
U13 & U14 2-35 minute Halves

How many players on the field?
U8, U9 & U10 (7 + 1 GK)
U11 & U12 (8+1 GK)
U13 & older (10 + 1 GK)

How many players on a team?
U8, U9, U10, U11 & U12 - Max 18 on roster (Coach’s Discretion on how many players make the team)
U13 & older – Max 22 on the roster BUT only 18 can play in a game.

What is the ball size?
U8, U9, U10, U11, U12 – Size 4
U13 & Older Size 5

Will the PEFC teams play Premier level?

What league will PEFC play?
For the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Season, the teams will play in the EDP league.

How often are Practices?
Practices are twice a week. Practices will be 90 minutes.

When are the games?
Games in the Westchester Premier are typically on Saturdays . Most games are between noon and 6:00 pm. Coaches request that players arrive 45 minutes early for warm up.
Each part of the season (Fall and Spring) we have about 8-10 games. Half of the games are home, half away. The season typically starts the weekend after Labor Day and continues to the second or third weekend of November. Spring season typically starts the first week in April and goes until mid June. Our home field for games is Navajo Fields at the Yorktown Sports Complex.

What is the commitment level for PEFC’s Premier Teams?
The commitment level for PEFC is higher than a typical travel team as this is a premier level program that is competitive. Players are expected to attend practices and games on a regular basis.
General criteria that is followed:

1. Attendance at practice, warmups and games
2. Effort at practice, warmups and games
3. Effectiveness in game – am I hurting or helping my team?
4. A players’ values on and off the field

How many tournaments will the team participate in?

Fall season starts with Labor Day tournament. PEFC teams usually will do 1-2 indoor tournaments over the winter and another 1 in the Spring. (Coaches Discretion). Most if not all teams, will also participate in the State Cup.

When will there be notification of tryout results?
Notification will be sent via email within 2 days of the final tryout date. If offered a place on the team, we will ask that you advise us of your commitment to join the team within 2 days, as there maybe a wait list. Players that do not make a team during tryouts should not be discouraged, should continue to practice, and try out again the next year.

What are the estimated fees for participation per player in the full 2017/2018 schedule?
The team may elect to run fundraising efforts to offset some of these costs
Fee: $2,000 (can be paid in 3 installments) U11 and up. U9 and U10 $1,700.
Fee includes:

2 practices per week during the fall and spring season 90 minutes for each practice)
Video footage of some games
2 tournaments ( 1 Spring/ 1 Fall)
State Cup
Fully Licensed Head Coach for each team

Summer schedule

Players that make our PEFC teams will be invited to play during the summer with that team. The Summer is not mandatory for PEFC players. PEFC players will have a $50 discount and will not need to tryout for the Summer Academy on May 13th. More details on the summer here.

Summer Schedule for PEFC players

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Summer Academy & PEFC Pre-Season CampJun 26th to Jun 30th (5 day camp)9am-3pm
Training Session 1Sat Jul 8thTBD
Tournament 1Sat Jul 15th / Sun Jul 16thTBD
Tournament 2Sat Jul 22nd / Sun Jul 23rdTBD
Training Session 2 Sat Jul 29thTBD
Training Session 3Sat Aug 5thTBD
Training Session 4 Sun Aug 13thTBD
Tournament 3Sat Aug 19th / Sun Aug 20thTBD
Tournament 4Sat Aug 26th / Sun Aug 27thTBD