Players Eye offers professional video footage using our very popular HI-POD for any type of event. If you have a regular season soccer game, a tournament or even a training session, our Players Eye team can be there to capture every moment.  

Package 1 - Game Footage

The preeminent aerial videography system in the world of soccer. With it's revolutionary telescoping tubes and high definition video capabilities, the HI-POD captures supreme quality elevated video for analysis or player highlight reels. The maximum aerial reach is over 30 feet! HI-POD has been the exclusive videographer for the U.S. Soccer Development Academy and Showcases for over five years. The HI-POD's natural handle mechanisms and unique pully system allows precision control and panning capabilities. There is no lag time or missed goal shots while the camera is tracking. The best feature with all of this is that the uploading time is fast and our team will send your game usually the following day.

Perfect for

  • Regular season games
  • High School games
  • Training sessions
  • Coach education

Video footage

A memory to last a lifetime 

Package 2 - Individual Player Tracking

Our soloshot allows us our team to track one player around the field with the camera following their every move. The player wears a tag on a armband which detects the players every move, capturing every single movement. Players who are looking for a video highlights to send to college, this is for you. Soloshot will help identify what a players action is like when not in possession of the ball and also what decisions they are making when they have the ball. At the end of the game, we send the player the video of their performance. Players Eye can also have another camera from a different angle on you, giving you a technical and tactical view.

Perfect for

  • Highlight reels
  • Player analysis
  • Off the ball movement
  • Individual performance

developing your eye for the game